Role in the team

My responsabilities in the team include keeping the processes user centred, improving the platform and respective user experience, user research (analytics, interviews, user testing, surveys, constant feedback from support), analysis and prioritisation and validation of issues based on findings from user research, scoping, ideation (and respective facilitation with team members), definition of user flows and 'feature-focused' IA, wireframing, designing mockups and visual language (direction, icons, UI kits, etc).


Stay on top of the game in a methodology that is always moving forward really fast. Make sure the team does not become purely reactive, but also inventive, creative in order to keep a focus on innovation, although always user centred and based on evidences (as much as possible).


Create an effective tool for communication within Hudl that brings coaches, athletes and in the near future parents and fans together, helping teams win and contributing to the overall increase of engagement of users.