Role in the team

As a designer with motion graphics and video editing skills I was asked to create a solution to showcase the new Video Library component structure, working closely with both the Product Director and the Engineering Director.


It was all done in probably less than eight hours total, from the first meeting where I was presented the context and the objective to the final delivery - in a USB pen in the hall of a big Vegas hotel, Mission Impossible style (or so I like to remember it).


Develop a very brief video, but with a capacity to awe the audience, to integrate in the new Video Library components presentation, to showcase the frontend and it's components as the speaker would take the audience through it.


In the first meeting, I was presented the context and then we started right away discussing and sketching ideas (I wanted to make sure we would all leave the room sharing the same idea and perspective. After the meeting and with a good idea of what we wanted I picked all those up and sketched a bit more, making some more clear visualisations of what the end result could look like. After I shared them with the rest of the people involved and the final concept was closed I jumped into Sketch and Photoshop to prepare the assets. Next I moved to After Effects and started importing the assets and animating them.

Seeing it live

I didn't really knew where the segment would show up in the event, because I didn't knew the structure of the talks or even the structure of the specific presentation where this segment was included. So it was amazing to suddendly see it on a big screen in front of so many people, an audience that seemed surprised, in a good way, to see an interface - what it looked like a static mockup up - come into life in a way. It was the first time a motion piece I've done was projected in front of so many people. It felt amazing :)