Role in the team

As a visual designer and illustrator, work with the Head of Design (Filipe Pereira) to create and deliver a way of displaying data in a yearly presentation of the company regarding what happens in one day in multiple platforms.


Present the data in a clear but also fun way, in a single composition that could be displayed in a screen as well as in print.

Fun. And serious. But fun.

Being a company with a main focus on producing mainly digital content and, at the time, new services focused on gaming platforms the idea was to produce something that could translate the data in a way that would fit and be consistent with that context.

Illustration power

A lot of the content being produced was based on illustration and as such we decided that including it would represent this and make more sense to what the company represented. It would also provide a good translation of what each channel was intended for.

Focusing on illustration that keeps a more "skecthed" look instead of a perfectly digitally created and polished approach made it feel more spontaneous and natural.

Content. Games. News.

TIMWE had been a mobile focused company nearly since it's inception. And at this point access to digital content on mobile was reaching it's peak worldwide for the first time. A lot of sketches were done and went through multiple reviews and iterations, with a lot of crazy ideas and elements like swords and video cameras, until we had something that could not only represent the intended content but also fit with each other's visual elements and the all composition.

It was roughly at the stage when most illustrations were scanned and refined that exploration of a colour palette started. It goes without saying that this represented a challenge in itself. Colour is always an universe of it's own specially in regards to having to deal with colour related semiotics as well as having to articulate multiple options in a way that does not break any colour theory rules and as such feels as natural as possible.

Iterate, iterate

Many iterations were indeed made, specially on what type of colour treatment the characters should have as well as each section and how each colour would work with the ones around it.

Exploring different compositions was always happening in parallel with each stage, from colour experimentation to illustration refinement. Every element had to coexist with one another without sacrificing legibility and alway keeping the hierarchy of information as clear as we could.

As in print as in digital

Everything was based on vectors so that the all composition could be presented on multiple formats like a smaller screen, a big screen of a conference room or a big printed poster. Keeping track of all the elements, specially of the hundreds of layers in illustrator, was truly a personal logistical challenge. Doing this kind of work in Illustrator is always a good test to one's capacity to keep all the layers and objects of the document well organised.

The Final composition

It was amazing to work with Filipe Pereira (the Head of Design) in this because he was always a great and fun person to work with, making the actual producing and tweaking and refinment motivating and engaging. As such this short project remains as the epitome of those awesome memories and a great example of how we could create cool stuff with so little time and sometimes even with so few resources as well. Resorting to ingenuity, a practical approach and a lot of fun we did managed to solve big challenges and get great feedback afterwards, like we got with this composition.

This was actually one of my last projects in the company before moving to a new challenge and it still feels, to this day, as a great goodbye "gift" to a good team, but specially a great team leader. And the composition ended up being used multiple times with updated data in multiple events for some years afterwards which, I believe, serves as a testament of how well received and effective the results of such a collaborative approach were.