Role in the team

I was part of Visa Europe's Digital Innovation and New Product Roadmap team who was responsible for this project. I was the main UX designer and answered to Visa's Head of UX/Design. My responsabilities included user research; identification of user needs; collaboration in leading and preparation of user testing; collaborating in user clinics and interpretation of respective findings; structuring IA - from user flows to navigation maps; creating wireframes - both handrawn and digital; leading copywriting and UI Design; creating documentation for implementation.


To achieve the main goals I had to connect, collaborate and lead people with different roles and from different departments. From designers to developers, from Visa to IBM. Dealing and managing expectations of so many people and project stakeholders is as much a political effort as it is a strategic one. Making sure everyone was always in the loop was one of my roles, because most decisions at this level could impact the user's experience of the platform.


Have a fully functional MVP, made by quickly building and learning, only in a couple of iterations. Testing and learning was focused both on user research as well as constant backend testing, because since the platform had to be adaptable to multiple channels from multiple financial entities, with different specifications, security protocols, etc. the technical issues were immense and highly complex.

User Clinics

For each iteration a full day session of user clinics was setup, so we could see how our decisions would perform, so we could identify potential issues and also be able to ask a real user the reason behind some of his options while performing the different tasks.