Role in the team

Working mainly as a UX designer I worked closely with other UI and UX designers on the team to bring the Visa Momentum concept to life. Also as a designer with motion graphics and video editing skills I colaborated, assisted on the direction, edited and did the motion graphics for the main video that would be able to present the concept.


We were moving really fast, with a very short deadline. Specially in relation to the production and editing of the short concept video (i.e. scouting for a location as well as main photography took about a day each).


Develop a concept, an HTML prototype and respective presentation/intro video.


Prototype intro

We needed to include a presentation/intro not only to the concept but also to the prototype, so that it would be possible for other Visa Europe teams to experiment and test within the right scope and understanding. As such the prototype was created with interstitials cards that could assist on a meeting where stakeholders could be trying the prototype without our presence.

Video intro

We needed a short and quick way to explain the concept and as such we decided to do a short video explaining what Visa Momentum meant on both user and customer side. As such we started exploring ideas, researching videos and putting everything on the wall. When we found an agreement on the direction we created a storyboard and got in the streets of the Soho, scouting for locations. On the next day, after finally finding a coffee shop that was kind enough to allow us to film inside we started taking photos of the main areas, trying to understand the light, the angles, how continuity could be achieved, etc.

And then, a couple days later, when we finally caught a sunny morning we went out in the street, filming in Oxford Street and the Soho. Thousands of takes and dozens of gigabytes of footage later I was experimenting with different "interfaces" to illustrate the user options.